Language courses


English Language Course:

The registration for our English language course is still open.

The course consists of 4 levels: Beginner, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate. Duration of every language course at PCJ-T is 6 months. This 6 months is divided into 3 sub-levels: A (2 months), B (2 months) and C (2 months). Upon completion of 1 full level we issue a certificate that allows you to continue the education on a higher level.

The lessons are conducted twice a week (90 minutes each). PCJ-T provides all the study materials.

To get enrolled into one of the levels you need to take a placement test. It’s more than easy, because you don’t even have to leave your home! Fill in the online application form and submit your solved test.

This is an amazing opportunity to meet the native speakers and learn from them!

If so far English lessons were mundane and boring, solving exercises – only experience, you can be surprised with what we have in our offer. With us you will get a chance to study the culture, get to know people, watch movies, through parties – all English style :)


Polish Language Course:

We offer Polish language course on 6 different levels. With us you get the opportunity to learn Polish from the scratch and practice with native speakers. This gives you a great chance to get familiar with the accent and pronunciation, as well as get through grammar with the people who know it best. We will teach you how to communicate in day-to-day situations, start a conversation in Polish and not to get lost in this beautiful country. PCJ-T is a Polish center so we are set on promoting Polish culture, through many social and cultural events.

We are very flexible when it comes to our courses. You can take part in a group course or you can learn individually. If you don’t have much time we can offer you a very intensive course.

Based on your expectations, we can focus on grammar, conversations or essential vocabulary if you’re travelling soon.

Come and experience Poland in Egypt!


Arabic Language Course:

We offer 2 months Egyptian Arabic course, which will introduce you to the Arabic language and you will gain a clear knowledge and understanding of important facets of the language such as the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation of Arabic words, the use of verbs and nouns, and how to read and write simple sentences in Arabic. You will also be introduced to basic vocabulary such as days of the week, numbers and colors, which will give you confidence to continue building your knowledge of Arabic vocabulary.

This Arabic language course is directed to foreigners who would like to posses a greater understanding of this fascinating and important language of the world.

  • 35 hours course, twice a week;
  • 4 levels, free placement test;

We offer many attractive events during the course: visits to Cairo’s most famous places, cultural parties and bonding events for students!


Italian Language Course:

August is coming soon and so are our free Italian placement tests!

Don’t miss this chance to come and visit us, and have a taste of one of the most sophisticated languages in the world.

We are launching new courses and Italian is just one of them. The registration is officially opened.

Soon we will announce the dates of free Italian lessons.

Stay tuned!