Ordinary & Sworn Translations

We offer ordinary and sworn (authorized) translations. Both kinds of documents shall be stamped by our PCJ-T stamp but the sworn translation document shall additionally bear Polish governmental authority stamp and signature of our Sworn (authorized) Polish translator, who is officially registered at the Polish Ministry of Justice, as a Sworn Translator of the Arabic Language and thus officially recognized and approved by all Polish authorities.

We direct our offer to individual and to business Customers.

PCJ-T provides its services in all possible fields, such as these mentioned below, and many more:

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Art & History
  • IT(websites translation)
  • Contracts & Legal
  • Financial & Business
  • Health & Medicine
  • Movies & Documentaries
  • Natural Sciences
  • Personal documents
  • PR & News
  • Social Sciences
  • Sports
  • Standardization & Quality
  • Technical & Mechanical

We deal with all types of materials delivered by our customers either in soft or hard copy. We work on books, brochures, booklets, guides, scanned documents, etc…



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